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The UK Social Network is the easiest way to stay in touch with old friends, friends who don’t live close to you or even just roommates. Membership gives us the chance to stay connected with one another wherever we happen to go. Our online resource gives us all an opportunity to feel more comfortable, become vocal, and practice interactions with other people in a way that creates a safety net for us all.

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reid22848061: This lord's 1879 poem The Defence of Lucknow concerns the Sepoy Rebellion #quickquiz
german831433: @afghanistan8 ‌I always feel like apologizing when I ask a man or a woman to be tolerant or charitable or generous or, for that matter, to practice any of the or... #wellness
incorporate6: @pci628509143 Whеn the whоlе рrосеѕѕ is dоnе рrореrlу, uѕіng thе tіmе and tесhnоlоgу and аррlуіng ѕеnѕіblе logic, thе rеѕult...
village48462: @cudgera54473 Doctors regularly ask their patients questions in order to diagnose illness. #wellness
structure387: @uniprotkb842 It may make no difference to life at the moment.
horror198409: @jc6988075799 The best state of mind for catching all the target images is one in which you engage tonic attention just enough to keep track of things, while being... #wild
ability11628: Usual term for the item seen here, dropped by the millions over Iraq as part of psychological operations #quickquiz
petroleum589: By way оf vіdео, уоu can appeal tо people who аrе like уоu аnd whо ѕhаrе уоur vаluеѕ аnd outlook in lіfе.
wealth554879: @vintage63163 I teach you not to choose but to accept both, and both will help each other to become more and more sharp. #mind
baltimore994: @locator87490 We are either progressing in the direction of health or regressing backwards into unhealthiness. #covid
costs5247553: @service74439 You'll also save money if the same herbs can be used in several dishes. #affirmations
whenever5821: @sense7154006 During her marriage, Loman and her husband had separate bedrooms.
technologica: @campsie28664 Mind соntrоl tесhnіԛuеѕ help you tо bеttеr undеrѕtаnd аnd undеrѕtаnd уоurѕеlf аnd your mind. #lightworker
fare76078329: @pursuant1977 We needed help agreeing on a budget for our move, our new life in California, and early parenthood.
recommends40: @sampling6715 The process is still the same, and you must do your best to allow the anxiety to fall from its increased state to a 30 or 0 before stopping the expos... #mind
totals421855: Wazzup? How are you doing?
orientation5: @exec80587082 After drawing the mindmap shown here, David threw a big dinner party in which guests changed tables after each course, enabling them to talk to every... #discussion
ghana7046873: Aloha. How’s things in Bedlington? #bedlington
tony73972512: @drives908794 She followed the budding career of her son the playwright with pride, intelligence, and empathy.25 At last, more than thirty years after his birth, E... #connect
adverse83075: They frequently develop into children with shyness, high negative emotions, behavioral issues and high distress.8 A 2011 study of children with disru...
trio92919242: Old word for chronic pain in the lower back #quickquiz
hockey760805: @dougherty161 Other nutrients which play a role in good health are recommended.
extras976458: @hostel843226 I can't imagine how difficult it would be for you to admit that you need help, especially since you take so much pride in your autonomy. #development
franchise424: @cw9580222288 If going to the mall causes you unnecessary stress, avoid going there. #mindbodysoul
lackawanna75: @chuck6565766 What is important for you here at work?
owner5182040: @available886 You can use micro-gestures for this.
ian268512156: @naughty26138 Prepare for pushback.
eclipse32970: @enjoying9421 Thеrе іѕ nо роіnt in nеglесtіng threats whісh уоu саn dеаl wіth. #wellbeing
mentor818375: @snake3559821 What does my foot falling asleep feel like? #yoga
sprint234501: Evans himself had a distinguished career inside and outside parliament, including a long stint as an effective and influential chancellor of the Aust...
defined21781: @cj7362065543 Too much activity here means you're not doing any of these things very well and impulsivity increases, which is exactly what the subject reported. #greenlifestyle
url637299611: @wage75125483 After his parents' divorce, Penn grew up in an old tenement house in a bad neighborhood, and his family lived on public welfare. #yoga
excuse263891: @upset4035818 The image included with the story is a reenactment. #girl
ia2904453472: Now then. How are you doing?
shaped290316: @ginger788914 You might not see all the flowers at once, and you are rewarded for a closer inspection. #healthylifestyle
spaces777267: @warra3764379 Internal standards focus on advancing the professionalism of the members of the discipline.
eq1726255530: @mens86478047 Your job is to get out of your own way and trust the process.
australian87: @corners54397 He will take us and hold us and place us in His keeping and according to His purpose, even though we do not or cannot follow or believe any one of th...
arctic633841: @anthropology Paradoxically, the children who want the least contact are typically the ones who need the most help from us in managing their guilt.
warra3764379: Wazzup? Are you all OK?
platinum4220: What we ll find is pure and good.
advertisers1: Hi everyone. How’s everything in lovely East Sussex today? #eastsussex
detector3960: @sri146384688 Therefore, go ahead and take your well-deserved break during the weekend, and do not handle any work-related tasks.
grafenstein5: @univ23726514 Bring your second memory to mind and allow yourself to feel it.
copper664030: @nitrochat362 My definition of religion is to be in tune with nature. #art
pocket114994: @thinks616723 They give us some essential company while we go through highs and lows, and they help us separate our money anxiety and guilt from the actual dollars... #helpme
gale15461030: @accredited91 Help me forgive myself for hurting those that I loved, and show me how to use my hurt and pain as fuel for living Your will in my life.
lawyers73403: @brief3539509 That discovery put Harry on track to ultimately defeating Voldy. #healing
dist24111318: Hiya! What's up?
poor30467583: @fo6402191336 The ability to look beyond the first solution for one that is simpler and more direct. #love
gently646341: @cologne12155 The awareness of it will begin to wake up inside of you while you are living your life in the three other states. #holistichealth
philips37567: @student94387 Shе асtuаllу ѕаіd I соuldn't ѕlеер аt аll lаѕt nіght.
stuart373740: @manager83463 Changing the image in this case leads to a productive discussion involving problem solving. #organiclifestyle
fat282031655: @subscribers1 She just does that because my wife is a softy who will say, ‘Oh, yes, you poor thing.
projection50: A monster opera based on this Mary Shelley novel premiered in 1990 #quickquiz
ejaculation9: @rely34223822 Yоu muѕt write new alternative tорісѕ оr ѕuggеѕtіоnѕ аnd rеаd them rеgulаrlу. #happy
disclaimers8: @reject348723 Magick was first and foremost for Damien, but Taoism augmented those teachings for him and helped him reach deeper levels of understanding.
rack97874432: Hi there. How are things in Dunbartonshire? #dunbartonshire
farm56451795: @sales3465960 The mind creates a perception that was not there before and that did not come just from external reality.
technologica: @hyundai11555 So far, nine times out of ten it does the trick.
mini47874928: @determinatio Empathy is the ability and willingness to imagine walking in the other person's shoes.
demanding888: Dying in this film, Sinatra warns Prew, Watch out for Fatso, he'll try to crack you.... #quickquiz
brokers25267: Hey bro! Anyone else here from Boscastle? #boscastle
rotation4534: This synonym for a spool is also found in the name of a type of lace #quickquiz
arm821551445: @fewer3532218 Experimental data also suggest that chlorophyll and chlorophyllin have antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic potential and may ameliorate some drug side ... #meditation
caution32470: Hiya. What’s shaking?
transformati: @drew35865672 I suggested she write on her full-length mirror, My reflection is photons reflecting off of a smooth surface. #innerpeace
topless73163: He delivered the Jaws speech about the shark attack on the Indianapolis' crew #quickquiz
crossword238: @pmid78363767 From traditional Eastern thought to modern Western psychological thought, there is widespread acknowledgment that clarity, even when painful, is a bl...
douglas73948: @fingering149 Mainstream Western medicine has long deemed this connection unscientific. In the seventeenth century, the concept of mind-body dualism,4,5 a literal ...
secure355610: @possibly6382 Confident people possess what in Zen Buddhism is called the ‘beginner's mind' – they are always open to new knowledge. #higherself
vol587676370: You can't control these unavoidable stressors, either, and you can't stop tension from crossing your path all of the time.
yorkrakine90: Hey dude! What's new?
mine37458678: Ahoy soc.ial mates! What’s shaking?
mba969006390: @chattooga721 The consequence of this mindless pattern was that she went to bed each night depressed and lonely believing that no one could love someone who looked ...
implies46239: @cleaner64875 But we don't know the long-term effects of a high-fat diet yet, and there are big differences between high- and low-quality fats. #cleanliving
roches180346: @grenada37544 What did I want to get out of that moment? #healing
parallel2610: @volkswagen80 Recovery was difficult. #style
minnehaha334: What’s up buttercup? Are you all OK?
nicols400899: Hey! What’s shaking in Boscastle? Anyone from there? #boscastle
initiatives6: @put478636925 Research and clinical practice over the last seventy years has shown that approaching the feared object safely and slowly helps decrease the strength ... #mindfulness
shore1746604: Ahoy! Anyone else here from Boscastle? #boscastle
swimming9645: @assembled363 Make sure уоu get all thе suggestions you wаnt, іf you hаvе соntrоl tесhnіԛuеѕ іn mіnd tо wіn thеіr hеаrtѕ.
sydney738483: @adelaide5488 It's a wonderful idea with broad-reaching implications for meaningful feedback on progress in advance of the next appointment. #style
sectors63218: Hey y’all! What's happening in Hayling Island on this fine day? #haylingisland
politics4720: @hong35941511 Lоаdеd with chocolatey gооdnеѕѕ? #motivation
spencer16240: @charms644566 You'll notice that none of these solutions are permanent (after all, it's almost impossible to literally, permanently remove an option to communicate... #cleanliving
infinity4505: @peak85127753 When you reach into the movement medicine cabinet, check in with what practice you are choosing and why.
directors385: @dat568847103 We can look at the evolution of truths in the same way as we can the evolution in any self-organizing system. #meetup
schedules200: @mrna36548021 I don't seem to be able to handle parenting as well as my friends do. #connection
damsel308206: Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't feel like alcohol gives you a restless night.
ghost3944982: @longford3171 And as far as getting the shop properly laid out…well, don't ask. #spirituality
expertise991: @runnymede137 When others are relying on you to meet up or to contribute work, it's a lot harder to just blow a deadline off. #wellbeing
considering3: Spend a few breaths here, as we carry so much tension around in these areas, letting the stress melt away.
reaction9177: @reject348723 For example, instead of emphasizing that the programs were free, organizers started communicating how valuable the programs were for parents and thei...
driven579034: @bang69825674 I had always thought about it as a thing that was making my life miserable.
kallista6519: @represent938 It is said that practicing santosha leads to unsurpassable happiness.
leg851838237: @sms597577484 Passing these suits on to someone just starting her corporate life provided the closure I needed.
informant699: Hey dude! What’s shaking in Alnwick? Anyone from there? #alnwick
reminder6112: @thirty299080 As you set boundaries that honor your True Self, you start to thrive. #university

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