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combination9: @dvd746748186 You can use your imagination to picture a beautiful and happy scene or to work through negative emotions such as anger through the use of mental image... #raiseyourvibrations
involving996: Not to tell tales, but Swift wrote some pieces for this journal created by Richard Steele in 1709 #quickquiz
attempts6933: @agency606881 Julie’s experience reaffirms the importance of paying attention to your intuition and acting on it, especially when it feels so strong.How to Know ...
and679074019: @loop76400401 Or we might spend our whole lives adding to our anxiety by trying to cure it (why can’t I just find why I’m anxious and fix it?).
condition704: Hey girl! What's happening?
hart65474604: Nearly all penguins live in this hemisphere #quickquiz
exercises118: @dropped88774 Therefore, one needs to put on their full working gear, grab tools and embark on the process of plan execution at any slight chance that comes up. #balance
efficiently7: @roger6472142 May you go beyond your inner darkness and awaken to your true nature as boundless love and wisdom. #affirmations
faster952820: @draft5592719 I could tell immediately that her approach was different. #helpme
bookstore655: @media4063032 My dad's father was born in Ireland, never graduated eighth grade, and was a tough disciplinarian—most of my dad's older siblings got the belt, but...
another21006: @amanda248400 You don't transform overnight.
svoboda98212: @magnitude952 Luke Skywalker didn't want to leave Tatooine.
debut9889471: Hey buddy! What’s shaking?
cricket16720: @visited48402 You can be healthy, but with an off-centre intention.
tess64071354: G’day mate! Anyone from Great Yarmouth on #greatyarmouth
quilt1888814: @caps86542821 But I believe that being able to draw on the experience of others who have achieved good results can make the journey you take easier, making it much... #wisdom
palestine848: Hey man! How are things in Kent? #kent
ethics195226: @educators688 This is simply inaccurate. #healthy
rant95609518: You can be part of that world if you suspend judgment long enough to get to know people for who they really are instead of who you think they are.
detailed2905: (Hi, I'm NBA All-Star Dikembe Mutombo) One of the many languages I speak is this official one of my birthplace, Congo #quickquiz
pose68826657: @significance They are in evidence in times of peace and plenty, as well as in times of war and peril.
furthermore7: @blowjobs9855 But without regularly poking the stick of alcohol into our spokes, we actually get the chance to let things run their course naturally, without the s...
aside9692395: @filters66842 I immediately left the altar and ran to Lana's side and ushered her into the vestry.
harassment29: Hiya! What's the craic?
penalties756: The label lists the size of these & the number per container of them #quickquiz
editions6954: Hey man! What's happening in Kent on this fine day? #kent
serve4698901: @byron1021766 Freedom does not come from merely yielding out of resentment or unhealthy resistance, it comes also from the strong and steady focus on such yielding... #selfcare
furniture407: @refers164409 Plаntіng thе ѕееdѕ оf іdеаѕ іn оthеr реорlеѕ mіndѕ wоrkѕ brilliantly fоr іlluѕіоnѕ.
tech18301883: Mad About You star Helen & Spellbound star Gregory #quickquiz
far403039198: G’day mate! What's going on in Kent? #kent
friends94077: @repair937192 That is also what I found out in 2015 when I was having lunch with a colleague. #art
configured37: 1995's Goldeneye was her first outing as M #quickquiz
motherboard2: Hey y’all! How's tricks?
surveys88390: @red846872983 More often than not, the consequences are never as bad as we imagine them to be.
wired7143293: King published the stories Rage, The Long Walk & The Running Man under this pseudonym #quickquiz
lived9673332: @kealy9052829 Interestingly, he had always struggled with math. #higherconsciousness
trace6597948: @ba3195761118 That is to say, the awareness of self should not depend on the power or influence exerted over other people – nor should it depend on the approval ... #nourishyourself
compressed51: Now then. How are you all holding up?
gong18477896: Even in small towns, people might come up to you & ask for one of these, from the words meaning self writing #quickquiz
trends610263: @funded602143 Inherent in gossip is the ability to harm or defame.
value6943477: Located near the Alaskan point of the same name, it's the USA's northernmost settlement #quickquiz
off501178837: @minute361573 He asked me to call his office and make an appointment. #fitness
controversy9: @logical63856 Instead, write because you want to be heard, even if it's only by yourself. #spirituality
probably5264: @alexandra452 It causes stress because I'm trying to dictate Fred's actions, which only he has control over.
discriminati: @associated63 Although it is a nice tactic, it doesn't guarantee results.
posts3152154: @developments Consisting of nearly 100 billion neurons, our brains were built from the bottom up, since nature prefers to add on to what it has already produced ra... #love
dimension234: @sprowl472796 Here is the way I have found to be the most powerful. #financial
father308222: @sara58146926 More important, there is a defined social system of behaviour and roles.
newbie399111: @florist98538 Growing up, I also saw that my friends didn't have a system like the Five Elements to explain or depersonalize normal but challenging life events.
chamber32043: At whose expense is the improvement going to be made?
demonstratio: @rich98322757 In fact, today I still use some of the products and practices I discovered during my perfectionism days. #spiritual
perceived496: @gratis873960 There is no right or wrong reason to go to therapy, it's not about being worthy or unwell enough – any effort to make yourself feel better is comme... #diva
hr6197176925: @morguson8170 This рrоvіdеѕ уоu wіth сhоісеѕ that саn lеаd оr chain уоu tо аnоthеr ѕtаtе. #greenlifestyle
sees47248487: Make commitments, rather than excuses, to things that will support your own self-care.
hunt52586307: @phenomenon61 Over time, you will instinctively look for the silver linings when things don't go your way.
seattle44322: About halfway up, I began to feel very fearful and physically weary.
jo5857784585: @gone90665676 Yeah, last night when I locked myself out of my room.
badgero10851: @exclusively2 You'll see that your promise is only one week long, but please do not stop there. #fitness
et2006786609: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How you doing?
wishes142263: Yes, sometimes no matter how much you challenge the thought, you will be unable to shift your core belief about yourself.
districts517: G’day mate! How’s things in Morecambe? #morecambe
tough9586409: Hey bro! If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.
resolutions9: @worship58068 Why are you fighting? #helpme
occurrence33: A 2-time Oscar winning actress, one of her first jobs was as the Coppertone suntan lotion girl at age 3 in 1965 #quickquiz
corrections3: Hey girl! What’s shaking?
coverage7812: @favourites73 Don't be concerned if you don't have details of their face – just go with the feeling of being with them. #consciousness
mfg112194427: @soccer722808 Nеxt, you ѕhоuld ask hіm tо relax and deepen thе mооd.
obtaining815: @cholesterol6 But it can be unblocked.
photograph64: Business majors might have an opportunity to practice a dinner out with a potential client or employer, for example.
benjamin6154: @combine14573 We wіll аvоіd соnflісtѕ аt аll costs, because іt fееlѕ lіkе rеjесtіоn.
rugs60067386: @ata705774199 So now you have an articulated and integrated Lifeview and Workview. #mindbodyspirit
tenant195655: It beats the hell out of being despondently confused about why bad things happen.
calamarino22: @volumes40386 A series of small steps each led me further and further away from the kind of environment I was comfortable with and introduced me to new kinds of peo... #wellnessjourney
selective439: @gedman807484 It's a very humbling thing when your body says enough is enough.
manjimup2432: @directed5471 Squeeze arm muscles, and return to start.
astrology413: Hey bro! What’s shaking?
merrylands45: @chaos3932596 Mona heard where I was coming from.
statement571: @garlic990735 I heard a story about a group of American Tibetan Buddhist teachers who visited the Dalai Lama. #healthy
nirvana93687: @cultures9683 Sоmе wеbѕіtеѕ wіll nоtіfу уоu whеn nеw trеndѕ оr ѕtоrіеѕ emerge.
offerings911: @kiss30085125 The guna of movement, dynamism, change, and activity. #holisticwellness
voted9750004: @botanist9027 Transcendence can occur in meditation, and it can happen with your eyes open, too. #yoga
get306056301: It's putting down a boundary, and putting down boundaries is a great way to claim space!
kansas806696: A branch of geology studies these ice masses, which formed the Svealand area where we're taping Jeopardy! #quickquiz
gazette22136: @introduction I've found that the extent to which someone can say whatever the hell they want, wherever the hell they want, however the hell they want, is directly...
processed448: @minnenooka96 The more serious you are about establishing your space, the easier it will be to stay focused.
qty537814470: @sufficient16 My pain and symptoms are so much better now that I don't cry over cheese.
performance6: Howard Carter could tell you it's the name for the style of script seen here, meaning sacred inscriptions: #quickquiz
teach1475479: @mistake43488 Make yourself safe with you, regardless of what happens, and you will eliminate procrastination, stress, and anxiety.
nickel864153: @commodities8 We are nowhere near where we need to be in understanding the brain, the mind, and the interaction of both of them with the environment in ways that w... #positivevibes
usps21114171: Ciao! How’s everything?
cow385248308: @flitcroft189 In the Christian church in particular, St Augustine created the concept of original sin expressly to underline the role of the Church in leading man ... #healthyhappylife
roberts17413: @alloy9545254 You don't admit it to anyone, but you are going out of the house only sparingly these days.
he5275792820: Hey! How are things?
priority8145: Hi everyone. What’s shaking?
luna24922631: @interpreted8 Think about how many devices you interact with every day. #university
silk37178538: @lesbian98335 But what about those relationships that just aren't going to work out? #mindset
tabs51319456: @frabotta5897 In this case, the nocebo effect measurably changed the biochemistry of the brain and body. #wellnessjourney
beastiality4: Today, social media breeds narcissism by constantly encouraging women to post flattering photos and create online profiles that stress their uniquene...
ion807550816: @clinic816598 The panic attacks got so bad that Dave completely stopped driving on the highway. #raiseyourvibration
proper429527: @prep85460628 They told her they didn't realize that everything she had been telling them all those years was as bad as it was. #liveinspired

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